This digital magazine is about watersports. We include news and views of all watersports school level onwards. Our favourite sports are: waterpolo, swimming, open water swimming (triathlons), surfing, sailing, paddling, skin diving and scuba diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, SUP boarding, underwater photography etc. This publication is a media platform to promote and celebrate aquatic sports, safety and efficiency starting with the aquatics at school level like waterpolo, swimming, synchro swimming, nippers and paddling as well as open water swimming. We also endeavour to bring you interesting and up to date articles with an aquatic theme showing the broad base that is touched by one simple fact: an ability to swim. This digital magazine is not only visually pleasing, but carries content that is informative and engaging with relevant up to date info on the positive influence aquatics has on youths and juniors growing in sport.

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This electronic version has limitless potential to spread advice, inspiration and news relating to the healthiest sport that has the most potential to educate the many South Africans who still fear water.