S.A.’s Extreme Adventurers – Superpowers or Super Mind-Power?

We are constantly amazed at how many extreme aquatic adventurers South Africa has produced. There seems to be a plethora of them from Lewis Pugh and Braam Malherbe to Riaan Manser and Chris Bertish. They have all completed the impossible by challenging the human spirit. Amanzi Magazine wondered what they all have in common (besides being completely crazy). Do they have super-human genes? Was their motivation was sparked by a life-changing experience? Or maybe it’s something far simpler?

Adventurers Share 

Chris Bertish I'mPossible

Chris Bertish I’mPossible

They all seem to join the motivational speaker circuit. Their talks are transformational: they inspire and motivate people to change their thinking, behaviour and attitude, and to challenge their limits. And when they leave the stage, their audiences believe that they too can achieve anything too.

Adventurers Shine a Spotlight on Good 

Do they do it for something larger than their egos? These incredible feats also raise awareness & funds for the environment, food insecurity and quality education. The real-time social media coverage engages their followers on a blow-by-blow

Riaan Manser

Riaan Manser

basis and the phenomena of the global village, certainly works wonders to shine an international spotlight on remarkable causes.

What sets Adventurers Apart?

When we dug a little deeper into the stories behind these heroes, my intuition proved me wrong. I had a romantic notion that perhaps they all suffered huge personal setbacks in life that equipped them with super-human resilience. Only Braam Malherbe had really experienced a life-story of reaching rock bottom. While Riaan’s turning point was simply a case of the ‘Sunday Blues’.

And then it struck us– they all have two prominent traits in common. They have all chosen to live a life of purpose

Braam Malherbe

Braam Malherbe

and they have removed ‘can’t’ from their vocabulary. Their attitude is all about turning the impossible into

I’mpossible. It’s all as simple as – attitude. What life is so often about.

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