Finest water polo players in South Africa at the Currie Cup 2015

Finest water polo players in South Africa at the Currie Cup 2015

Central Gauteng Mens A water polo team winners of 2015 Currie CupAmanzi Magazine is on a mission to expose some of South Africa’s real sportsmen and women. Water sports have long since been marginalized by the media and we are committed to inspiring change through communication. That’s why you need to know about the finest water polo players in South Africa at the Currie Cup 2015.

The South African Water Polo Nationals or Currie Cup happens to be the premium tournament for water polo in our country. To attain the level of water polo required to be selected by your province to play, you have to not only show commitment in your training and performance, but also by supporting yourself through your career financially. The provinces only get to pick one or two teams per division as a result. Seven provinces managed to send one or two teams in various (not all) divisions this year. Sadly, the lack of government and corporate aid for players, coaches, referees and officials forces our water polo fraternity to dig into their own pockets.

Western province Mens  vs Eastern Province Currie Cup 2nd Division 2015Fact: water polo players, coaches, refs and spectators really love their sport and their country!

These school girls and boys, varsity students or working ladies and gents, take time off from school, university and or work to represent their provinces at this South African National water polo tournament.

This is a gathering of the best water polo players in our country.

If you are one of the up and coming u18 girls/boys or you were selected for the mens or ladies divisions by your province, you will find yourself at this Swim South Africa event. Participation at this tournament is a must if you are to be eligible to represent our country in a sanctioned international event.

Water polo Curry Cup 2015 RefereeWestern Province vs Free State Currie Cup water polo 2015Western province Ladies A vs Eastern Province Ladies A Water Polo Currie Cup 2015Central GautengA  vs KZN A Water Polo Currie Cup 2015 What you need to know about these South African water polo players:

Gauteng Central Goalie water polo currie cup 2015If they are playing at school level they continue to train and play through the winter months in club league water polo.

The mens and ladies teams are selected from a mixture of working people, the best university teams countrywide, as well as schools water polo “prodigies”. These players train all year around and when playing matches, will be in the pool up to 6 times a week.

Western province mens A goalie Currie Cup 2015


Not many South Africans know about these incredibly dedicated sportsmen and women. They do not get the public support enjoyed by the rugby, cricket or soccer players, nor the runners, cyclists or tri- athletes.


Along with the players we mustn’t forget the coaches, referees and officials who tirelessly continue with the little support they receive.

Eastern province u18 boys goalie Currie Cup 2015

Amanzi Magazine finds water polo to be one of the most exciting, nail biting and satisfying sports to spectate. This is the 4th Currie Cup tournament that we have attended and we would love to see a rise in public support as well as much needed support from corporate South Africa.

Results from the Currie Cup 2015

Western Province Girls u18 winners of water polo Curry CupU18 Girls

1st Western Province

2nd Eastern Province

3rd Central Gauteng

View albums here

Eastern Province u18 boys winners of 2015 water polo Currie CupU18 Boys

1st eastern province

2nd Western province

3rd KZN

View albums here

Western Province Mens B winners of the Mens 2nd Division Currie Cup water polo 2015Men 2nd division

1st Western Province B

2nd KZN B


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Western Province Ladies A winners of Ladies division water polo Currie Cup 2015Ladies

1st Western Province A

2nd Central Gauteng

3rd Western Province B

View albums here

Central gautend mens A winners of Mens 1st division water polo Currie Cup 2015Mens 1st Division

1st Gauteng

2nd KZN

3rd Western Province A


Author: Lisa Leathes

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity.

Author: AmanziMag

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