Longboard and SUP with Tarryn King

Longboard and SUP with Tarryn King – Q & A

Interview with Tarryn King

Author: Brian Hope

Tarryn King female SUP and longboard champFemale surfers are on the rise in a big way, and the level of surfing that we are seeing from the girls increases in leaps and bounds every single year. Tarryn King is one of South Africa’s leading female surfing athletes. Like her husband Thomas, she has not only dominated longboarding events since a young age, but also absolutely kills it on a SUP.

Amanzi Magazine got to hang out with an absolute stunner for the day, and managed to wrack her brain on her SUP’ing and longboarding endeavors. Enjoy.

A: What was the start of your life as a surfer?
My grandfather and Uncle have surfed since they were young, so I think it runs in our blood 🙂 I started surfing when I was 13years old.

Tarryn King Long beach_SUPA: You often find people that start surfing and then loose interest after a year or two, when was that you decided that surfing was for you?
The day I rode my first wave every other sport flew out the window and my main focus has been surfing ever since 🙂

A: What’s your favourite Cape Town wave?
Aaah, this question is always difficult because in Cape Town we are fortunate enough to have so many waves to choose from. Long Beach is always fun 🙂

Thomas and Tarryn Wedding on SUP's courtesy of CorebanA: Before you started SUP’ing you and Thomas were both avid and accomplished longboarders, what are some of your greatest memories?
I have surfed for WP since 2008. I came 4th at South African Champs and won WP Champs.

A: The longboarding judging criteria has changed from progressive short boarding manoeuvres to including old-school manoeuvres, how has this affected your approach?
I shortboarded before I started longboarding so when I did get on a longboard I was going for big close-out turns rather than getting my toes to the nose, however over the years I have focused more on nose riding and have learnt to mix it up a bit.

Thomas and Tarryn Kind with Gary Van RooyenA: Why the switch from longboarding to SUP’ing?
Well, I do still longboard 🙂 However this year I will be competing on a international level at the ISA stand up paddleboard games in Mexico as well as on the SUP world tour so need to put in as much time as possible on my SUP!

A: The sun’s out and Muizenberg is 3-4 foot and offshore, what’s your weapon of choice?
SUPíng!! That’s the best time to SUP ‘Berg.

A: What type of waves would you say suit SUP’ing?
I think it depends on what board you are on. I surf a 7’2-7’6 SUP and surf anywhere from ‘Berg to the ‘Hoek to Dunes etc.

A: What are some of your SUP’ing accolades?
This year will be my second time representing South Africa at the world standup paddleboard champs. SA champs two years in a row, and finished 7th at the ISA games last year.

Thomas and Tarryn King Snorkeling A: You have been an integral part of the Muizenberg community for a fair amount of time now, what would you say attracts you to the area?
It’s amazing to see how much Muizies has changed over the last couple of years, for the good of course. The vibe down here on a Saturday morning when the waves are cooking is amazing. It has become the ‘place to be’ on the week-end 🙂

I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to my sponsors for making my dreams come true, COREBAN Standup paddleboards ( the best SUP’s around), Roxy South Africa, Holdfast, OverboardAfrica and OnitPro. THANK YOU!

Thanks guy’s, see ya in the line-up!

So why not Longboard and SUP with Tarryn King?

Author: AmanziMag

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