Out of Water Strength Training for Water Polo

Out of Water Strength Training for Water Polo

Author : Cyle Myers

Out of Water Strength Training for Water PoloTim Notke the high school basket ball coach once said, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” And in many ways that has been the theme surrounding talented sportsmen and women in the 21st century. Previously, sports people would place a great deal of emphasis on raw unhindered talent. This however has changed a great deal and it changes more and more every year. Any big sports team now has strength and conditioning coaches as part of their staff.
Consider a Water Polo match, the strength, power and drive it takes to shoot and catch the ball, or the stamina it takes to overcome a wrestling match in the centre forward position. The ability to win in these situations has little to do with how fast you can swim 400m or how many 100m you can swim on a 1:20 but in fact on your strength and power.


Here are five physical training tips you should consider as a Water Polo athlete:
Do pulling and pushing exercises twice a day. Always do more pulling then pushing with a ratio of about 2:1.
Pulling includes Pull Ups, Chin Ups and Seated Rows.
Pushing includes Bench Press, Shoulder Press and Push Ups.

Always be careful with too much Barbell Bench Pressing as this can be detrimental to your shoulders, consider doing Bench Pressing with dumbbells

Do not over stretch the front of your shoulders. Often you find water polo players have over stretched shoulders. Instead focus more on strength then flexibility when comes to shoulders.

Good Water Polo players have strong legs, excellent Water Polo players have super strong legs. Spend time focusing on leg strengthening exercises such as lunges and squats.

Technique is the first thing you need to learn in the weight room, so getting a qualified coach will benefit you greatly.Strength training is a powerful tool and when done right it can have extremely positive results on your sportsperformance. However, done wrong, it can destroy your athletic career in one session.

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