SA 2014 Ladies Fina Women’s World Cup Water Polo Team to prove their metal.


SA 2014 Ladies Fina Women’s World Cup Water Polo Team to prove their metal

Article compiled by reporter  with information supplied by Kelsey White 

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Kelsey White is living testament to how incredible this sport of water polo actually is to the youth in this country. She says that she cannot imagine her life without water polo!

“Water polo to me is my sanctuary and my escape. I really cannot imagine my life without it. This sport has taken me all over the world, I have met so many interesting and talented people along my water polo journey who have shaped me into the person and player I am Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (5)today.  Still to this day I am learning more and more about the sport and I am so eager to keep on learning. Being involved in Water Polo has provided me with the most rewarding experiences, especially when passing on my knowledge of the sport to many young boys and girls that are just as passionate about this amazing sport as I am. Water polo keeps me happy, keeps me fit and keeps me focused on my goals.”

This 23 year old water polo wunderkind who lives in Randburg, Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (3)Johannesburg started playing when she was 13. She was successfully selected to play in every age group for Gauteng water polo from U14-U19. Hereafter she was awarded a water polo scholarship to Arizona State University 2009-2012, competed in the USA collegiate Mountain Pacific Sport Federation league…and Captained the team 2011/2012. In 2013 she moved down South and played in the Australian National League for the Hunter Hurricanes water polo club.
Thankfully she has returned with all her expertise and has played since 2010 and still is playing for the South African National team. Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (1)Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (4)Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (6)Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (2)
(World League Series France and Greece 2010), FINA World Champs Shanghai 2011, FINA World Champs 2013 Barcelona. Kelsey has proven herself as a true leader and was selected to captain the South African ladies team for the 2013 & 2014 Commonwealth Water Polo Championships in Aberdeen 2014 for which the ladies earned the Bronze medal.

Kelsey White Coaching St Mary'sKelsey’s passion for water polo extends beyond being just a player. She has coached extensively from the U16 Gauteng girls in 2012, the u U14 New South Wales Australian girls team and currently the St Mary’s U14, 1st team 2013/2014. Kelsey plays for the Wits Water Polo Club  and finds the time to coach both the men’s and ladies teams as well.

How does Kelsey stay fit and trim for this high level of water polo output?

Training Programme :

Monday , Wednesday, Friday- 5am swimming , 3pm crossfit and 6pm water polo.

Tuesday and Thursday : 2,5 hours gym and water work , maybe a 5km run as well time permitting.

Weekends:  Crossfit and water polo games.Amanzi_magazine_Kelsey_White_SA_Womens_waterpolo (8)

No red meat, lots of fruit and veggies, green living (she is sponsored by Natural Vibrance and loves all their products) , chicken and fish only  and lots of smoothies.

On the 8th of August 2014 the South African Ladies Water Polo team captained once again by Kelsey depart for the Fina Women’s World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk 2014

Fina World Cup Team 2014

Kelsey White – Centre forward, driver, utility player and captain

Anke Jacobs -Goal Keeper

Rebecca Thomas – Goal keeper

Kieren Paley – Secondary centre forward, right driver

Amica Hallendorf – Wing

Kim Rosslee – Wing

Megan Schooling – Centre back

Samantha Shead – Centre back, driver

Christy Rawstron – Centre forward, utility player

Deborah O’Hanlon – Driver

Megan Parkes – Centre back

Lee-Anne Keet – Centre forward, driver

Chloe Bradley – Driver

Views from Kesley on the Fina Women’s World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk 2014

The FINA Women’s World Cup 2014 will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk Russia from the 12th till the 17th of August. The teams competing are USA, China, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Hungary, Spain and Singapore.

To our knowledge South Africa and Singapore are the only amateur teams.  The others are all made up of professional players.  Whilst this is challenging for our team, we are all excited to show our metal against such fierce competition.

The South African ladies team that will compete in this tournament is very new with more than half the team having never played in a senior FINA water polo event. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for the old and new players to grow as and team and guide one another at such a prestigious tournament.

There has been word about some new rules and parameters but it has not been set in stone yet, as far as I know there are many discussions occurring around it all and it will only be finalised next year once all countries and committees have made a vote.

It is an honour captaining the SA Ladies Water Polo team.  Our ultimate goal is to compete at the Olympics and hope that after getting the Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Water Polo Championships earlier this year will prove to the relevant people making decisions, that we are working hard to get there and really need the backing and support from our sporting federation in order for us to be able to compete more and continue to achieve results for our country.

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