SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne speaks out of “the Cage”


SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne speaks out of “the Cage”

SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra GascoigneThis 20 year old architecture student from the University of Pretoria has a day that does not end on campus until her training with the Tuks Ladies Waterpolo Club is complete. It is the input , commitment and aspirations shown by girls like Al, which have grown the sport and secured its place as one of the most prolific, uncompromising competitive sports in our country.

When she speaks out about what water polo means to her, she says that not only is it her passion, but also an escape from all stresses that she experiences on a day-to-day basis.

“Its not only a physical sport but is also mentally and emotionally challenging. I find that it takes a definite type of crazy to be able to get into a pool knowing that the chances of sprains, strains and nose breaks are fairly high, but the amazing thing about this sport, much like other team sports, is that you can’t win it alone. There is so much trust and relying on others that some people will never be fortunate to experience.”

For Al, it’s fast, it’s fun, its strenuous and so much more than just a game of wrestling and swimming around after a ball.

SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne Al’s water polo CV is incredibly impressive and a testament to her dedication over the years to the sport. Apart from participating in The South African National Schools Water polo tournament held every year since 2008 until 2012, she has also represented South Africa. In 2012 she competed in 3 test matches against Zimbabwe as well as the Junior World Championships held in Perth Australia. The following year she partook in the U20 World Championships in Volos, Greece.

SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne Since her selection as the Best goalkeeper for the under 14A Gauteng side in 2008, her other amazing achievements include playing for the TUKS Woman’s Water polo 1st team and being selected for the USSA squad and again as the USSA Best goalkeeper in 2014. In 2015 she will be playing in the 2015 Currie Cup for the Northern Tigers. Whether she will be in the Ladies team travelling to Ireland in May for 8 Nations is still to be announced after Currie Cup in April.
Beyond the payer profile that she has built over the years Al has attended the Central Gauteng Referee course and obtained her basic refereeing certification.

SA Champ Water Polo Goalie Alexandra Gascoigne We, at Amanzi magazine,  sincerely support sportsmen and women who attempt not only to give back to the sport, but also seeking a deeper understanding of the game by witnessing it through the eyes of the ref. This, we believe gives you an even deeper understanding of the game.

TRAINING DIET TIPS FROM AL: My training diet is fairly high fat and low carb. I feel this gives me the energy that I need to train twice a day most days and maintain consistency in my studies.


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